This week at Barbican: Animator Bretislav Pojar

(…) Bretislav Pojar (check this link for a few other useful links too!), as he was the one the screening was dedicated to, is a Czech animator, puppeteer and director of animated shorts and features.

He was a close colleague of Jiri Trnka and he worked on a number of his films. Although his professional connection to Trnka is indisputable, Pojar himself stresses the difference between the films of the two animators and doesn’t really want to look at his own productions through the prism of Trnka’s. Enough to say Trnka was above all a painter, while Pojar – as he says – already knew the language of film as well as was very much inspired by Italian neorealism when he started making his own shorts. He thinks animation is similar to hypnotism: When someone isn’t much of an animator, the puppet moves. When he is good, the puppet lives his life like each of us. (Read more)

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